Website Server Support

Request support for jobs such as:
My website does not work, Secure my server, Fix my domain it is not connecting to my website.

Add products for my online shop, add categories and products for my online shop.
Setup PayPal Payments for me (online shop payment gateway etc)

Set up a server for me.
Install a script for me.
install cPanel for me.
Fix my cPanel server.
Fix my website error.
Clean up my website.
Make yourqueryhere for me.

Check and edit my websites English (American English or British English)

These are just a small number of requests that we can handle for you, in the end, it is better you pay someone who has the skills to complete the job. Instead of stressing yourself and others around you when we can do it for you, and we enjoy what we do.
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Full-time website technical support yearly service.
We can fix any issue with your website or management system.
Yearly Website Support
We will manage your website or online shop or server all year round.

$360 £320 Per Year!
We are so much cheaper than:
The 1% Big companies such as Shopify who in reality...
Are not aimed at people on a budget...

This AMAZING VALUE FOR MONEY service includes:

Payment Gateway setup
Online Shop Setup Installation
Free Hosting
Hosting configurations

Maintenance & Updates
Domain configurations including registrar support
E-Mail internal and external support.
Website speed
SEO Optimise Main Index Page & about page of your website or shop if applicable.
Don't worry if you do not see items listed here we most likely have that covered too!

3 migrations per year max
All items listed above are part of our website shop server management services.
We will be responsible for all of these tasks.

Live website chat setup (You must be the live chat operator, not us:
Live chat for your website or online shop store business by Tawk btw It's Free!

Now everyone can have an online business!
This is what you get:
You can request us to perform any of the tasks above 365 days a year!
Support requests are usually solved within 1-2 hours sometimes minutes if we are at our busiest it can take up to 24 hours.
Migration of websites or servers will take up to 48 hours.

Remember we have live website chat & Skype / WhatsApp too!

We will ensure your website shop online business is online 365 days a year.

How do we provide quality services at such low prices?
We compete on a worldwide scale and also have large resources in Hosting and SEO.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about this offer as it is quite amazing, isn't it?

If you require more support than what is offered in the package:
Please navigate to the main website page and select a 1-time service: OnlineBusiness1

If you require support on a monthly basis please open a support ticket even if you are not a customer here: Open a ticket now to get started!
Full-time website technical support yearly service.
Fix my website

Our specialists based in the UK and USA will carry out technical support and fix your issues for you, saving you time and grey hairs! We will be able to fix just about any website online business shop store error you may have.

We can fix server issues too and so much more. We have a large network of individuals who are based in over 30 countries around the world, we have the contacts and skills to help you get your problems solved!

Simply tell us your issue and provide your login details so we can go ahead and get started, if you are unsure about what to write in the text box then please contact us over Skype or WhatsApp or by phone.

We can perform various simple tasks like virus cleanup and much more.

We will spend up to 30 minutes fixing your issues for you if your issue is too big to fix and would take longer than 30 minutes to fix we would cancel and refund your order and provide you with a custom quote at

Open a sales or support ticket here even if you are not a customer: 

We can fix any issue with your website or management system.
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